What is SpaceCrew ?

SpaceCrew is an idea, a mission, a dream to make possible for any human to go to space. In specific words, democratizing or opening the space flight training programs( manned space mission crew) for any human with passion and curiosity to go to space.

Making a open-source system/program where space mission/flights/crew training is accessible to any human to prepare them to be part of a manned space mission.

Today, you need numbers of years training, commitment, right timings and a space mission .

There are hundreds of people including me who wants to go to space mission as crew but we do not have any chance (not in millions) to go to space or even worst we do not have a chance to get any kind of training for that. Going to manned space mission is one thing but training should be accessible and open for everyone.

In the near future, there will be more possibilities but still, it will be limited to people selected by NASA or private companies or people with big money. But what about people like me who wants to explore the outer space and contribute. I do not want to go to space as tourist or just for experience but as a mission crew to perform well defined objectives, perform experiments and research.

Is there any way that I (or humans like me) can have that opportunity to be a part of space mission as crew member ( not just a tourist). It is a big question? And there is a bigger questions than that. Am I fit for it or survive the space flights or participate in a mission and if not then how to be trained to make that possible.

There are three things that required for any human being to go to space mission as crew.

1- Training
2- Role as crew (skill)
3- Manned Space Mission Opportunity

Spacecrew wants to work on the first step — the training.

Traditionally NASA or any government space agency will pick highly skilled people to train them to go to space. But it will not make practical sense in the near future. In upcoming future, you need to prepare people for space missions so that in times, when there are manned mission, we will have humans who are ready (trained / self trained) to serve the purposes or a mission. Or even for space tourism perspective, you need to trained humans. In either way, we must open up the training to go to space ( or solve training problem ) for human ( group of humans) who are ready to do the training. give time and do the hard work.

SpaceCrew will become an organization that will work on the first step — the training.

My name is Amit, founder of SpaceCrew, I am trying to create a module (program) for training which will be a mixture of DIY (self-training) and professionals training sessions and putting myself in this training first to prove this idea. I am average 27 year old guy ( average joe) with no military or flying or no PhD etc. If I am able to be trained and qualified to go to space or even eligible for a manned space mission, it means anyone can go to space.

Right now there is no step wise step module (document or organization) to figure out for the training for space flights. What I am doing is to preparing a step by step solution, testing it on myself and recording data/experience so that I can open sourced it and build a mission-driven startup to make it possible and simple for everyone to have access to training.

If I can go, you can go, everyone can go to outer space.