What is the core Idea behind SpaceCrew?

I ( as a founder) want to create a module/system/program for training where any human can get the opportunity to have access to training information and infrastructure for space flight for manned space mission (private or government)

Real idea is to make basic training simple and accessible (open) so that it will prepare any human mentally and physically to be part of any space crew in less amount of time irrespective of trainee genetics or physiology (physical and mental ability)

The idea is not just about making existing training accessible to regular folks but to create a new module or new ways of training structure/module that can prepare anyone who is ready to do the hard work to go to space flights.

For example, If anyone fears with heights or get dizzy in roller-coaster or have some phobia with heights or free fall or something then it should not be the end of the dream for going to the space but we must find a way to train that human so that human can overcome these fears, phobia or physical limitation and participate in the mission.

In the upcoming world of AI robotics and genetics engineering, things that limits individual human to go to space flights or taking any physical risks, intelligent machines can help and assist humans to overcome these hurdle. In the time of Apollo missions or ISS missions, we depend only on humans to humans collaboration ( mostly part) but as we are creating intelligent machines and robots, where we can add human to machine collaboration on place and can balance the human limitation with the assist AI and robotics and create a team of machines and humans for a manned space mission.

Even today, we can train and prepare more civilian people to go space. But in the future, we have to reach a point where training programs/module are openly available to prepare any human to go to space in less time.

At SpaceCrew we will do the combination of science experiments, engineering and physiology to prepare any human to go to space safely.

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