What is the first step for SpaceCrew ?

I am a regular guy ( age 27 / male / 5'9" /70 kg ) based in India and I started SpaceCrew with a dream to go space someday. I am a civilian, an average guy with average human ability and with many human limitations and there is nothing special ( or super smart) about me.

So I want to give me a chance first before I claimed that any average human can be trained, over overcome from limitation and can go to outer space. I am ready to do all hustle to start training and do whatever physical or mental hard work required for training. I am ready to take the risk and spend time (doesn’t matter how long). I am committed to that.

What I wanted to do

SpaceCrew is a beta project ( first stage as idea) where I will try to figure out how to start and complete a training ( combination of self-training and professional training) to prepare me (physically and mentally) for a manned space mission as a crew member.

If I am able to do that and complete ( or progress) the training, It means that anyone can do that. During this process @ Spacecrew ( web platform) I will document my experiences, informations regarding, self-training/pro-training, training materials based on my research, my progress and then based on this SpaceCrew will create a module or a program that will help other humans to at least start self-training and will give access to training resources and material.

What I have to do

Step 1 — Find a way to get training (DIY + PRO)

Step 2 — Take risk (physically and mental)

Step 3 — Collect data and experiences

Step 4 — Create Module for everyone based on previous step result

The even before that first step, first I have to start from somewhere. To start things, for me there are two options for me

Approach 1 — DIY ( Do it yourself) Self-training approach — which is okay for basics or start or when there is no other way. I have to start somehow. In this I collect standard training material and work on my physical and mental fitness.


Approach 2 — Pro training — find a way to be trained or monitored by fighter pilots, physicians, ex-astronauts and pro-trainers. Also access to infrastructure for training. For example zero gravity training, high altitude training, flying exercise etc.


Both approach simultaneously

There is no way for me to start my training with approach 2 so I left with approach 1

But even for Approach one, I need the personal support and help of ex-astronauts, space engineers, and a human biologist so that I can make sure I did the correct things for a start. They have to mentor me, guide me in order to create a module to start basic training for myself.

If I am able to start, convince few professionals astronauts to mentor me and if I show progress then I can switch to approach two. But it will take time. A lot of time.

In Approach two, I have to convince NASA or ESA or Any government space Agency to allow me to train in their infrastructure.

What I need

To make it above things possible, I need cofounders (team) and professional consultancy from various fields


I have to raise basic funds so that I can involve fully without thinking basic financial hurdle.

What am I doing right now

1- Trying to find cofounders(team) who like the idea of SpaceCrew

2- Researching, reading to collect the information to create a basic self-training program to start the training. Relearning every basics of science, maths and engineering to get the basics thing right from the start and learning the advance level knowledge.

3- Trying to find mentors astronauts, pilots, physiologist, aerospace engineers who can help me, guide me to start thing in right direction.

4- Trying to raise initial funds (small) to start basic training, living cost and visiting/move to the US.

5-Trying to arrange physical training sessions for example test flights (jet plane, helicopter etc) or undersea dives etc.)

If you are interested to help, support or join me as team please write me to email [ spacecrew.team@gmail.com]