Why I started SpaceCrew ? What is the motive

I wanted to go to space and I believe in the open system.

Today there are few organizations who decide who should go to space and select people based on the requirements of the mission. This approach is great when we started to explore the outer mission but as we are going forward, this approach is not going to scale. This approach directly or indirectly stops/discourage people from thinking to go to space or even to get training to go to space.

Above approach is based on limited sources theory ( close system) and they ( space agencies or private agencies) have to pick the best humans ( according to them) to be part of the manned space exploration mission.

But this theory is hurting space exploration idea. It basically suggest, the best* can only dream, dare or eligible to go to space. But it is not true. Who will decide who is best*. It is the gatekeepers.

It is a closed system. In Closed system there is the gatekeeper who is controlling things ( entry) directly or indirectly. Our whole economy and most of the system based on closed system. It means it doesn’t matter what human individual capable of, it is always the gatekeeper whose decision is the last.

Closed system, approach was worked in past but it is too slow and will not work in the future. Even this close system approach will not work on any system ( not just space ). When human individuals can overcome their physical and cognitive limits ( self-training or pro-training ) and have a chance to substitute the limitation AI based tools and robots, it will be a flawed theory where a gatekeeper in closed system will choose which should be recognized as scientist, engineer, economist etc.

I am not saying they are the bad or evil organization, the fact is that they changed the course of History (Yes the Moon Landing — It is THE EVENT OF HUMANITY) and changed everything about the way we understand outer space, they did a awesome job but in order to scale and phase up the process, we need to create alternative systems that are open and accessible to all humans. It is only possible when you remove gatekeepers and open up the system. We need to include more humans in the space explorations and manned space mission and it is possible if you prove that “ Anyone can go to space irrespective of human physical and mental ability with the help of training and assistance AI machines/robots”. SpaceCrew wants to prove this.

Spacecrew is one step towards this direction. I am an individual, who is fascinated by outer space and the universe but I just don’t want to read or see images or try it as space tourist ( if a rich guy let me do it) but I want to go and explore it. It is wired and highly risk idea but I am ready to take a risk. I need training and an opportunity, so why not create it for myself. If I can create the training and opportunity for myself, SpaceCrew can help others to do the same. That is the concept of SpaceCrew — A organization that wants to open up the space for all humans.

Current Approaches

Till now, the approach for Manned Space Mission is following

Step 1- Find ultra highly multiple skilled individuals to minimize the human error in the mission. Humans who are fit for space flights and perform the mission task on the highest quality scale.

Step 2 — After selecting, trained selected individuals for space flights for specific mission

In above If you want to minimize the human error factor, you have to make sure that people that you select are the most skilled and capable person on earth. This approach is great for agency or organization that are sending them to space so that it increase the success rate of the mission but not so good for overall space exploration in general.

In any manned space mission, the crew includes Mission Commander, Pilot, Flight Engineers, Science Officers and Spaceflights Participate. Now we are not arguing on the highly human skilled required for Mission Commander, Pilots and Flight Engineers, these positions are important and required special set of skills but other than that there should be no restriction on human ability. Anyone can be the member of a space crew, not just as a tourist but as the human who can perform duties time to time.

What about the cost ?
It is a different topic. We want to tackle that non scientific thinking which existed that only space humans can go to space and normal human can not. It is not true. Once was thought only high IQ people can be engineer or scientist and now who cares about IQ.

Yes right now, it is ultra costly to send a manned space or you can argue non essential as robots can do much better job. But without manned space exploration we can not truly explore the earth and second in future the cost will go down and down. Taking the cost down, is not scientific/engineering problem but economical problem. One option is that we need to create separate economical system operate for just science and space sector. So it did not depend or neither effect regular economical system. As long as we as space exploration area operated under general economical system, it will never scale. Never!

What about the safety of human in space missions?

The answer is not highly skilled human but machines and programs that safeguard human and minimize any chance of human errors.

We have to create systems, robots and personal AI machines that minimize the human error of humans in any space mission rather than 99.9% depend on humans (in space or at control center on earth) so it decreases the minimum requirements for human to be in space and even if human did error they will not lose everything but recovered and learn from it.

According to SpaceCrew approach, we may need highly skilled experienced humans in positions like a commander, pilots and flight engineers (even in these positions Automation can cover all human errors) but other than that all we need humans who is passionate about space and are ready to perform tasks, experiments, research etc.

Now, above argument make sense but the problem is there no basic module, training and infrastructure that allow regular humans like me to participate in a training or in a manned space mission. There is no training module, infrastructure and opportunities them to go to space. SpaceCrew has the mission to work on this problem. It means I have to trained myself and prove this model.