Why me ?

I am sure after reading about SpaceCrew, you are probably thinking two things (one or another)

This idea is so stupid or childish or naive or not well thought


The idea is good (maybe) but why this guy (me) is doing is not smart or had PhD or served in Airforce or have any specific skill set. This guy has no chance to make any progress in this project. It is dead project. This guys in physically and cognitively unfit to lead the SpaceCrew.

Now, for those who have first thought, I do not have an answer for it :) Also, I do not blame you for thinking this. But I just want to say, at this current stage of the project, I am not looking for the answers like whether I should pursue this idea or not. I am looking for help, suggestions or inputs which can encourage me to take one step further. If this idea is bad or not well researched then let it be but even then to know why this idea is bad, I have to pursue it to know why it was a bad Idea or unfeasible idea ? Because then it will give the birth of an idea of how to make it feasible?

For those who falls in the second thought category, I will say — Me too. I also think like this initially. An average guy like me — ‘How dare you to think this big’…. But after giving a deep thought, again and again. I have following points

I told to myself that there is no chance that I will be picked up by any government, private agency to be part of space mission. I have to be rich and I am not and it is impossible to be rich.

So I have to create something like SpaceCrew, which increase possibility.

If I am making this SpaceCrew for people who wants to go to space and who have no ways to get training for it. But who can be a better candidate than me? If I can do that, anyone can do that. Secondly, If I am ready to take the risk, ready to put myself in hard conditions ( physical or mental) and ready to learn new things then why not me to pull this thing up first and prove my idea.

So in any case. I am the right guy according to me :)