IPY 2008–12–20

It’s time for me to do what I always talk about. My dad told me that if I want to understand why Trump is better than the liberal fascism that we had under Obama, I have to read through the last 8 years of Instapundit. I don’t usually like Instapundit. It’s always struck me as someone who is incredibly taken with his own intelligence and filled with a lot of anger toward liberals, democrats, academics, the government (particularly the EPA) - all the usual suspects. That sort of vitriol is really hard for me to read. But if I want to understand the anger that so many have… I guess I’ll have to read the writings of someone who’s really angry. So, here we go.

I was hoping to start with Obama’s election, but I got tired of clicking back to the previous article, so it looks like I’ll have to start with December 20, 2008. Which brings me to this:

Oil companies moving to the Eastern Hemisphere, presumably because of Obama’s election, likely changes in taxes for their corporations, and because of the lack of a future for fossil fuels in the US.

Subsequent posts are about how men need to be able to talk to kids without being presumed to be perverts — no disagreement from me, about really low interest rates, thoughts from various people on the choice of Rick Warren to lead Obama’s inauguration prayer and the role of the inauguration prayer, new EPA ruling that regulation of carbon can’t be a concern in speeding up coal plants, and corruption from Democrats, including Rangel, a Louisiana congressman under investigation for bribery who Pelosi didn’t remove from the House Homeland Security Committee, and accusations that the Illinois Governor is trying to sell Obama’s senate seat and that maybe some of Obama’s aides were somehow involved? But all of these cases were under investigation at the time, which is as it should be. Not sure what I should have been doing about it then.

This is a good one: Questions for Obama’s Science Team https://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/19/questions-for-obamas-science-team/ Wish we had a science team to ask similar questions to now.

And that takes me to Dec 21! There’s something about Obama mishandling the Blagojevich scandal, but the link no longer works, so I’ll have to dig into that.

https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/51307/ for next time. Man, this guy posts a lot.

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