Passenger Elevators Manufacturers in Delhi

Space Elevators are manufacturers passenger lifts or passenger elevators having various doors like imperforate, swing, collapsible, center opening, telescopic powdered opening auto door. Our range of elevators includes passenger elevators or passenger lifts, car parking lifts, heavy duty freight lifts for factories, capsule lifts and many more. Space Elevators is trademark of customization with quality of lift manufacturing, installing and maintenance services. Space Elevators provide lifetime paid maintenance and warranty services.

Space Elevators the premier Passenger Elevators Manufacturers in Delhi NCR and different parts of India, Passenger Elevators design and manufacture and suppliers the elevators keep the mind the space for your requirement, and architecture of Hospitals and nursing home. As stretcher cum passenger lifts or elevators are meant for the patients, such elevators are specially designed by us to provide or maximum comfort and ease in operation with no jerks and sound.

Passenger Elevators Features:

• Telescopic manual doors for car and at landings
 • Voice announcing system
 • Overload indicator
 • Intercom facility

Our specialty :

We are proud India No 1 company for Passenger Elevators or passenger Lifts. Space Elevators offer complete range of Lifts or Elevators solutions. We provide customized elevators from low cost lifts for builders of flats to high value high reliability elevators for hotels, embassies, etc. Our vast experience and professional back-up allow us to develop highly reliable and attractive range of elevators or lifts .

Some of the features of this range are as follows:

  • Adjustable Door Opening and Closing Time
  • Alarm Button
  • Car Call Cancellation at Terminal Stop
  • Attendant
  • Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops
  • Home Landing
  • Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection
  • Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure
  • Door Protection by Light Beams
  • Door Protection by Light Curtain
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Intercom Car to Machine Room
  • Overload Indicator
  • Automatic Rescue Device
  • Compulsory Stop
  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex Control
  • Direction Pre-announcing with Arrival Going
  • Opposite Door Operation

Factory / Work Area

Space Elevators Pvt.Ltd.
Rithala Industrial Area,Plot No-1201 Chauhan Lane
(Near Rithala Metro Station),New Delhi-110085,

Correspondence Address

Space Elevators Pvt.Ltd.
First Floor,1/25B, Asaf Ali Road,
New Delhi-110002

Mobile : 9999240401, 9891455552

Toll Free : 1800–123–9535

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