Make your Home earn its Keep; 5 Best Ways to Make money from your Home.

I can go so far as to say that our world today is alien to what it was just 10 years ago, at least as it relates to the way we do business. With new technologies came new opportunities. Innovative startups are helping everyday people capitalize on their assets in ways never thought possible in the not so distant past.Some of my favorite include Uber an app where car owners can make extra money by offering cab services to their local communities. Another is DogVacay, a platform for dog lovers to offer dog babysitting services to locals and tourists. And of course AirBnB the room sharing network.

As promised in the title here are 5 easy ways to make money from your home;

1. Convert your garage into a boutique gym and rent it out to personal trainers by the hour. It won’t cost much, all you need a is a punching bag some free weights, yoga mats, stability balls, and preferably a bench press for optics, Voilà, you’re a gym owner and ready to rumble.

2. Register your home for location shoots. Film and TV crews are always on the lookout for locations and spaces to shoot. Any place would do, they’re looking for all types depending on the project. This can bring between $1500 and $10,000 a day.

3. Use your backyard for events. You can expect to make upwards of $1000 just from a day rental for a wedding or wedding reception.

4. Convert a den or a basement to a music recording studio. This is great if you’re a recording engineer but if not you can rent it out to one or many.

5. Design a photo studio and make money. You can buy complete studio kits with lighting for around $350 from eBay or Amazon

Those are just a few ideas of what you can do, but the sky’s the limit really. The tools are available at your fingertips just so long as you remember that you’re sitting on a goldmine!

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Originally published at on March 27, 2015.