Taking offense has become one of our most frequent hobbies. But hobbies are stuff we should enjoy doing, right? Well, being offended is not quite so enjoyable as reading or watching superhero flicks. Check out the following (hypothetical, DUH) conversation.

Chili: Hi, Pots!

Potato: Hey Chili! How you doin’?

Chili: Great! But you seem to have… um.. blown up a bit.

Now, imagine being the potato. What would you say? More importantly, what would be going on in your head? Most of us would be offended. When we are indeed offended, it would do us good to give a thought to what could possibly be going on in Chili’s mind. There are only two major possibilities…

Case one:

Chili is a nice person (vegetable?) and didn’t mean it in a malicious way at all.

Here, you only need to blame Chili’s poor choice of words and forget about it.

Case two:

Chili is spiteful enough to comment on your weight despite knowing that you’d be hurt.

Here, however, you being offended is exactly what was intended, so by being offended, you’d be giving Chili what she wanted. You’re letting her win despite she being the one at fault.

Not taking offense is the better thing to do, in both cases!

So, instead of saying…

Potato: Uh.. Um.. yeah, I guess I have.

… with a hurt look, say something like,

Potato: I know right?! I blame my Grandma, because her food is to die for!

Besides, being heavy or fat isn’t something to be ashamed about. So a comment about either of those shouldn’t hurt you at all.

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