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We move for the better to seek new opportunities, or just to get away from mom and pops, but the process can be a hassle. Being the outsider and settling in a new environment can be quite a challenge. For Ray, leaving Hawaii was a life changing experience. Not much was going for him after the break up, school was a bore, assignments were not getting done, and grades began to drop. After graduation Ray decided to join the military leaving family, friends, and the comforts of home behind. First destination was Camp Bullis in San Antonio, Texas. Basic training took place for two months, Ray knowing no one felt out of place away from home,”I felt like a minority when people approached me speaking Spanish.” After an additional three months in tech school, Ray then moved to Washington to complete his initial training. Years later he deployed to Oman for six months shipping supplies, and doing maintenance on jets. After being in the military over four years he was discharged due to the military cut. Despite being far away from family, the experience being able to travel and meet new people changed his outlook on life, making reasonable choices and dropping the unnecessary habits. After the cut Ray spent seven more months in Washington for diver school. In 2014, Ray moved once more to Louisiana then was later laid of from the job. The final decision was made to come back to Hawaii where he no longer felt like a minority. Back to nice clean beaches and clear water, when Ray came back to the island he “ Honestly felt like a tourist”, home didn’t feel like home. Some of Ray’s friends and family had obscured views of him bringing back pieces of different mainland cultures. “It felt weird coming back, I was use to feeling alone” Ray said, “I miss the cheaper prices of the south” he added. At last back with family surrounded by old friends, good food, and finally able to see the newest addition to the family, his baby sister.

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