Church time

My girlfriend is a Christian. She may not look like one, but she told me that she was a believer several times. I don’t judge her though. People should believe in something, that is what I think. So on one sunday afternoon she called me and asked me to join her to go to church. The first thing that came across my mind was a song lyrics that goes “Take me to chuurch”. Well I did accept it because I respect her offer and plus I wanted to know what is it that she really likes there. And also I swear my myself that I would sing that song “Take me to church” out loud in the church. So we went there, it was an old building which has a sign in the front that says “Corner stone — Church of all nations”. She told me it was an international church and I noticed that there are lot of expats there, more than half of the people I think. The organizers were gathered and having a group talk while people take sits and get comfy. It was quite a pleasant atmosphere there, people were greeting and smiling to us. I kind of felt this warmness inside of me. Event started with introduction of the church, events happened before and upcoming events. Then the pastor gave speech about God and his Holiness before the band came to the stage and started singing worship songs. It was all in English which made me feel like I’m in an another country. It was really new feeling for me. There was couple more songs sung by the band (Which I think the vocal was amazing) that asked people to sing together. We sang and we danced a little (Which I don’t know it’s legal). It was really cheerful and interesting event for me and my girlfriend. After that they asked participants to write their goals, what they want to do in the upcoming year, and what do they regret in the past and asked people to forget about all the sad things happened in the past and direct their sight to the good future. I’ve put lot of thought into it and written so little in the paper. My girlfriend was already done writing and I could see she was more relieved. After another 1 or 2 songs and some quotes from Bible, it was time that they finish the session and asked us to pray.

I don’t push myself to believe in religions which I had some doubts about them, plus it was the first time I came to church voluntarily (Previously I’ve been to it 2 times involuntarily) I wanted to take it slow, see how it goes first. But, to be fair, even in my first voluntarily time, I don’t think It’s that persuasive, quite frankly I think It is acceptable. I don’t say I’m a believer already, but I think it helps people understand what they truly want to do in this life and helps them find the right path to reach their ultimate goal. I think it helps people to help themselves. So first time voluntarily church, It was better than a football game. Oh and I did sang that song. But not that out loud for some reasons.