Night thoughts

So I’m home doing little writing at my macbook air. Time is 11:05PM. Today is 24th of January 2016. Gosh I can’t believe it’s already 2016! I’m supposed to turn 26 this year. I just turned 25 a month ago actually. And my passport is expired. The day after my birthday, when I was laying on my bed at home, I felt really heavy. The thought of having lived 25 years in this planet made me think how old spirit I was. But anyways the days will go on and I will hold on to live in this earth for maybe another 50 years or so. Lately I’ve been feeling little better about myself. It is maybe because of the therapy I’ve been having, or the praying I’ve been doing, or just the inner gut that is making a good change I can’t tell. But I know that I’ve been feeling better about socialising, talking to people and thinking about good future. Interesting thing happened is that I got the result from the psychology test and I didn’t really feel bad about the result. The thing is that they are telling me stuff that I already have thought about sometime in my past. Because I think about these kinds of stuff a lot, and I wasn’t really shocked. But they really did make some good points about my conditions. Now that they’ve got the results, we can continue the sessions which we discuss how to change it, how to recover from this weird feeling or weird thoughts. It is really a weird condition for me because I was little worried about me having some mental disorder previously, and now that I know that I have stress related issues, it feels weird. Anyways what happened is what happened. I really think that I am a very lucky person and I am going the way I’m supposed to, and everything happened in my life will (If not now) connect somehow, and one day I will be sitting in my future apartment, having a free time drinking coffee and reading some articles while my kids play around the house and my wife also having free time off her work doing her stuff. And I will at that reminisce this period of my life and think that the decisions that I took, actions I took that time really influenced my life a lot and feel really proud of myself and understand that things happen in life only for the best and best only.

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