Intentful Consumers #1 — Floss

Foreword: As a project this year, I’ve committed to researching the most ethical brands of the products I consume such that I can change my spending habits to support the causes I believe. I’m of the opinion that this is the best way I can make an impact on the world; the way I consume, or lack thereof. However, I realize that there are a lot of logical traps in determining what is ethical, and I’m sure a lot of my other existing behaviors might be counter productive or downright hypocritical, but my intent is to at least start trying. Thus, I’m deeming myself an “intentful” consumer (You’re right, intentful is not actually a word but you get the idea).

The first topic I researched with the help of some friends was floss alternatives. I figured I should start small. As you might know, a lot of floss is made with nylon and comes in plastic packaging, so we looked into options that are easier to recycle or compost and came up with this top list of alternatives.

My recommended eco-friendly floss brands:

  1. TEVRA — vegan, $0.15/yd (+ prime membership or shipping)
  2. Dental Lace
  3. Public Goods Floss — $0.06/yd (plus shipping and $59/yr membership)
  4. Treebirdeco floss
  5. Etee floss
  6. Wowe
  7. Eco-dent — vegan, $0.04/yd (+ prime membership or shipping)
  8. Tom’s floss (probably easiest to find, but not as eco-friendly as others)

Notes: I personally have used the Public Goods floss and it works great, but is non-vegan. A friend tried the TEVRA floss and plans to keep buying it, though noted that it is thicker than most floss so might not be best for those with tight teeth.

Please let me know if you’ve had experiences with any of these or found any better alternatives!

Resources: Want to do your own research? Here are some links that should help!

Full Disclosure: I use Amazon Associates referral links when available, because, well, I might as well?



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