Psychic Predictions for 2017–2019

These are my predictions for the next few years. I was wrong about Hillary winning last year mainly because I saw her getting the most votes. I guess that doesn’t always mean you win. If you have questions for me, you can write to me at:

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I don’t claim perfection and if I’m wrong about anything, then I’m wrong. But I’m more often right. I’m still trying to learn how to do what I do.

PREDICTION: In Spain, there will be a major hacking on their economy. Cyberattacks on their finance sector for sure. Also a plot for a terror attack in Spain in October in Barcelona. With plots it’s difficult to say if they will occur, I just get potential “hot spots” that are attracting plots. Other plots I saw last year didn’t occur, which is good and I felt relieved.

PREDICTION: On March 9, 2017 there will be the beginnings of a massive stock market crash. It will continue over several days as various markets crash. China and the US will be very hard hit. Russia will come out stronger somehow. This will be worse than the financial crash of 2008.

PREDICTIONS ON TRUMP: So, I still think he will want to influence who gets in office on the GOP ticket, along the lines of a super pac. That’s down the road. For more recent events, I think in March there will begin a plot against him within the GOP to introduce legislation or programs that they want to fail so they can frame him for that failure. Many within the GOP want him impeached because they consider him to be outside their control and Pence is “within” the circle of power. His ex wife Ivana will be involved in a scandal this year. One of his sons will speak at the UN at some point. He already knows his days are numbered because of plots against him if he doesn’t act fast. Many of the departments will become split and have two sides either fighting for their beliefs or siding with the new president, CIA, Interior, EPA and State but others as well. Rex Tillerson will be in charge of the State Department but will have MANY enemies. People there will be spying on him to dig up dirt for scandals etc. Trump’s moves against legal protest will worsen. There will be much more violence at protests. I see clashes in May and June and that will give the media a chance to make Trump look very bad in handling public dissent. There is a chess game emerging where Trump knows they are trying to lay traps for him to walk into. On a personal note he will start to get very depressed rather quickly into his term, starting in late spring. This will last through summer. The wall will only be partially built before construction is halted by legal and financial problems. The Chinese will threaten not to loan the US any more money if their demands aren’t met. Major financial war escalation. The Chinese actually have real information on Trump they are waiting to hold against him as leverage. Iran’s dealings with North Korea will increase meaning they are going to try to acquire a nuclear bomb. They have already begun plans on this. This will be a crisis for Trump’s presidency and many will rally for war, but this will not happen. The Chinese and Americans may hack Iran together at this point in order to screw their economy over. Iran’s economy will worsen. Movements for the people in the US will emerge stronger in terms of demanding equality and financial opportunity. A different form of Occupy will emerge. Lots of demands for financial change, like Occupy but stronger.

PREDICTION: A new leader in Egypt will come to power, later in the year, probably fall.

MORE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION PREDICTIONS: So I’m also getting that they may try to set up bribery plots, people trying to gain his favor in exchange for insider information or very overt deals, but secretly working against him and this will be a way the GOP and some Dems can trap him. One of the biggest fights will be over nuclear weapons and whether they should spend money to create more of them. Homelessness figures will rise slightly. The economy will rise and fall very quickly several times. In summer you are going to see a huge rise in conflict between Trump and other members of the GOP. Elizabeth Warren will definitely run for president in the next election cycle. Betsy DeVos will be confirmed for Education Department however she will be pushed out by the end of the year. It will not last, she will be plagued with scandal over her handling of that job.

PREDICTION: Japan will have its own army again within a few years. By 2019 they will write this into law.

PREDICTION: Earthquakes in Sudan in April/May 2017, Eritrea in August/September, Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam will have a minor one in the first part of the year and a major one in December, and Guatemala will have a devastating earthquake in summer. The last one will require a lot of international aid and will result in a refugee crisis on the southern border with Mexico.

PREDICTION: Volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Probably Anak Krakatau, which had eruptions in 2008 and 1999. It will be relatively minor. Probably in August 2017. Also, terrorist activity will be seen in the Taklamakan desert in China sometime next year. In North Korea, things will worsen as Kim Jong Un fails to provide for his people again. Worsening conditions will lead to a coup in 2018.

PREDICTION: Plans will be finalized in 2018 to lead a mission to Mars. Man will launch to Mars by 2019 probably in September. I see this as not necessarily resulting in a landing, it might be a flyby. The mission will return the next year in 2020. The sudden importance of this space race will be precipitated by a space race we will have with China. China will probably go to the moon by 2020. Though there are many things working against their space program which are not clear to me.

PREDICTION: Biggest discoveries in physics yet between now and 2025. The Unified Field Theory will be formed and will see five breakthrough discoveries, three of them really major in that time.

At the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 it will be announced we now have equations which begin to prove and will lead up to equations proving the speed of light can be broken, these final equations will be made public by 2022. This will be one of the most monumental science moments in history. The plans for spaceships which can travel in a short time to Mars and other planets will be unveiled. This will prove the experiments done with particles this year were not a fluke.

PREDICTION: Russia and the US will create a pact with a new treaty. Sanctions will not last. Diplomatic ties will increase. This will have vocal opposition from a faction in Congress. Congress will be very split over this decision.