10 reasons why i am the WORST person on earth

okay, so, i can tell you more than ten? but like, i need to try and control my self-hatred in here, ok?

one: i am an asshole. like seriously, i can’t get over the fact that i am the biggest asshole ever i want to punch myself sometimes. (a lot of times)

two: i don’t reply your messages and/or save your number into my phone.

three: i DON’T care whether you actually care about me or genuinely like me or not, i would still think you don’t and i’ll never tell you when i got like, a major breakdown and instead pull myself out of any social occasion.

four: i’ll make you build all the bridges, and later burn them myself.

five: i’m the best at breaking promises. like, god, that’s my forte! right! there!

six: i’m so awkward and embarrassing you will want to stay away from me all the time.

seven: i’m dumb?? like actually dumb i can’t even count 7 + 8 unless you give me five minutes. i don’t know if 28 C is supposed to be cold or not. i’m that dumb.

eight: i’m greedy??? i won’t share you my food especially if it’s something really good. if you live with me under the same roof, i’ll hide that food from you just so i can have it all by myself, no kidding.

nine: i don’t know how to give advise. THIS IS LIKE, REALLY CONFUSING, ALRIGHT, like i’m pretty fucking sure whenever someone comes to me telling me all their problems i’ll just go “oh really? wow man… oh damn. whoa dude, wtf?” or some shit and i give zero (0) advice, but people keep coming to me??

ten: i never watch titanic.

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