been awhile since i last wrote.

aah, even writing my rants feels too tiring, huh.

but anyway, i really need to write — just… really. i can’t be lazy when it comes to writing. even though no one reads this fuckery.

i’m still feeling sad as fuck but i found a lil bit of happiness recently in the form of korean boy group, BTS. these seven boys are making me so happy, i love all of them but the one i really really love (and can relate to probably) is none other than kim namjoon.

dunno what my favorite song is, but run is probably the best… oh and just one day. but again, there’s spring day, and oh god did i mention begin??? and reflection of course — but hey, awake is the damn goodest thing.

well — guess it’s safe to say i love all songs.

anyway. today i discovered some good music (thanks spotify) :)

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