10 quick tips about how to market your photography business?

Marketing photography business is one of the most difficult things for a new photographer. If you don’t have a high marketing budget and don’t want to spend too much on marketing, then the following tips will help you to get more clients and spread the word about your photography business. You just need to be more creative and flexible on how you reach out to your ideal client.

1) Run special promotion: Run special promotion for both existing and new customer from time to time such as lowering your price for a limited period of time or special offer during the festive season or free goodies such as Photo cover or gifts that will entice your client to keep coming back.

2) Co-marketing : Co-marketing is the best way to reach out to your potential customer. You can co-market your business with other businesses such as Resturants,Boutique/clothing owner,Gym,etc who share your target audience but not your competitors can be a great source of promoting your photography business to your potential clients.

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3) Share your expertise: As an expert in your field, you can share your knowledge with your customer.For example writing articles or E-book on a topic such as How to take the best pic of a baby or best way to take outdoor photos or how to take a professional quality photo in iPhone,etc is an excellent way to share what you know and to bring more exposure to your business.

4) Referral program:The objective of referral marketing is getting more clients through word of mouth from your current satisfied clients.Referral marketing works well if it implemented well.You can offer a discount or a gift to your clients for each new customer they bring in.This form of marketing works best compared to any other form of marketing out there just make sure you can communicate the right message with your customer.

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5) Social media promotion:Social media is a great tool to update what is going on about your business and to reach out to your potential clients.In this social media era, if you are not present in social media then you are missing your potential clients.So make your choice which type of social media and which type of potential client you are targeting to.Facebook,Instagram, and Pinterest are the best platforms for any professional photographers.Facebook is to update about your day to day business activities and Instagram and Pinterest are to showcase the world how good are your clicks.

6) Online presence:Having your own website is equally important than having a presence in all yellow page or other marketplace platforms. It allows for future clients to look at some of your past work, as well as find additional information such as pricing, contact information, and testimonials. Your website should build the potential clients confidence in you.You can also use your own professional web site to offer coupons or gifts to your existing customer without losing your presence across thousands of other competitors in the market.

7) Networking:Network in various events or social media groups or business events.Networking with other like-minded people and offering good advice to others will bring good word of mouth about your business. Make sure you’re promoting their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to reciprocate.

8) SEO:Improving your SEO also plays a key role on how your customer will find you in the google search. Search engine optimization is not as complicated as it seems. All you do is include keywords in text, tags, and images that will help customers find you. To know more about how you can optimize your website search engine.READ HERE

9)Google ad words/social media advertisement:You can create a google ad words or Facebook ad words as low as Rs 1000 to promote your photography business.But make sure your select right keyword and target to the right audience to get maximum return on your investment.

10) PR:Getting publicity through PR is a great way to promote your photography business.You can submit images and stories to various PR websites such as Your story,Nextbigwhat to get it published.Also, you can try influencer marketing to spread the word about your business by collaborating with influential bloggers to reach out a wider audience.

So what are you waiting for?Go ahead and implement these marketing strategies and start to get more clients.But make sure you plan ahead your marketing goal and implement each of these marketing strategies to get the best result.

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