A brief meditation on gratitude

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to stop and question how it was that you reached this point?

This isn’t in terms of intoxication necessarily, although I’ve found this to be more frequent for people under the influence of something.

Throughout the past year, I began this hashtag on my snap stories, in spite of hashtags having yet to transcend the snap world. It was sort of in the tone of mocking hashtags to be honest.

In these situations in which I find myself having to stop and deeply consider how I’ve reached where I’m at, I feel an immense gratitude.

It isn’t always an extravagant moment, either. Sometimes I’ll be out late walking around the city, reveling at how I hadn’t even considered being here three years ago, as the orange Chicago haze hangs like a fog.

It’s been a ride, and this hashtag is a reminder to be thankful for all of that ride, good and bad, and to keep going.