Grateful Tracks

Every so often, you run into a song that makes you unquestionably grateful for where you are, regardless of where that may be.

Today I sat in my sometimes crowded apartment preparing myself another subpar meal, as remants of the weekend tossed about like urban tumble weeds among the scramble of furniture. The speakers blared an unfamiliar yet usual EDM track comprised of indiscriminate amounts of bass. Having lost all patience for this type of ruckus months ago, I promptly reduced the noise to a more approachable sound, Darius, my usual counter when asked to choose a song.

My first encounter with this artist was the result of Youtube’s autoplay, a feature that I truly do love and hate. It was during my sophomore year at UIC, a time which feels impossibly distant, mentally and emotionally. I was in the throes of what I learned to call my “crucible,” living in the perhaps the worst apartment that Chicago’s Little Italy had to offer, or at least it felt like it anyway, with little hope for the future.

The spring was taking its time to arrive as usual, which only worsened my situation. But luckily I had a longtime friend to thank for bailing me out of the hell hole for a week, into the sunburnt sands of Palm Desert. This proved to be the temporary escape that I needed.

While there, I found myself returning to Darius for some of my more out of body experiences that I had found myself in, or more accurately, found myself out of. Darius forever represented a calm amidst a storm from that point on, an anchor to the true self.

For the past few weeks, I haven’t been very prolific in terms of anything besides school and Battle For Polytopia(Amazing timesink. I dare you to get it.) After listening to Alicia by Darius and Crayon, I was struck by a sudden bolt of awareness that, although the autumn is slowly fading, and with it potentially my last fall at UIC, I’m still thankful for all that has culminated in the last few months and years and am excited for what lies beyond.

It’s strange because, it’s not as if the song itself was anything that significant. It’s a solid track for sure, but nothing groundbreaking. It’s mere sound triggered a reaction that flooded me with a sudden urge to write something down. Any song that does that is worth a second listen.