Shazam The Moments Away

This title feels as if it should be followed by an exclamation point, or be an infomercial tag line. However, the content I have in mind is less than exclamatory.

What works better? Asking Siri “what song is playing?” or Shazaming it, or Sound Hound or some other app? Because I’ve missed countless songs that will potentially never be heard again while using Shazam, not to be overly critical of the app.

When I’m in a restaurant and an oddly good song plays, I want to listen to it later ideally. When this doesn’t happen, I feel a strange loss. Not necessarily about never hearing the song again, but not experiencing it the first time around.

As soon as a new song draws me in, my immediate response is unthankful gluttony; I like this a lot, and I want more later. How can I achieve this?

Beyond songs, this process represents a simple lack of mindfulness in daily life. Rather than cherishing the beauty of the now, I instantly seek the later, and end up losing both the present and the future.

And although reading “we didn’t quite catch that” is highly frustrating, realizing that you missed an entire song, a moment, is even worse.

Sometimes hitting play is more important than hitting pause, because there’s no repeat one option in life. ▶️⏸️🔂