Heaven.cat — How to manage your Cryptokitties the easy way.

I have been working hard at creating this webapp where you can manage your kitties when they start to become a little too many. The previous site i did, Kittyfind.co, is the foundation for two of the tools in https://heaven.cat/ . However, behind the scenes I have started indexing more data to be able to do more tools and that simply put needed more information. This helped make the search function a lot faster though, hooray! It also made more data searchable for new features i will look into in the future.

So now that we have the introduction done, let’s go through the site and the features it holds, together!

#1 The landing page (https://heaven.cat/)

Landing page https://heaven.cat/

This is the hub for all the tools that exists and for new ones when they come. If you want to see your kitties float around on clouds, why don’t you stay on the page a few seconds and the kitties will start floating in from the sides. This only works while you are signed in to a web3 wallet, otherwise you’ll see my kitties float around until you’ve signed in. At the bottom left you will be able to change to a collection you’ve made on the cryptokitties.co site. You can also click the arrow button to push away the buttons for a while if you’d like.

#2 Kittylovers (https://heaven.cat/breed)

Kittylovers https://heaven.cat/breed

Getting started — This is a little more complicated than the first page. When you first enter this page it will be empty, with something looking like the image on the left. You will need to sign in with your wallet, which is basically meaning that you make an account with your wallet where you can save your kitty pairs without someone else being able to manipulate them.

New pair

Once logged in you can create new pairs by clicking the blue “NEW PAIR” button in the middle of the screen. A new empty pair will be created and you will see something like the image to the left. Insert ids in the textboxes below the kitty images and the “Breed” button will become a save button, click it and save it forever.

Every time you make a change, don’t forget to click the save button so the changes are saved!

If you click the red + to the left of the screen, you create a group. In groups you save kitty pairs and only see those that are created within the group. This is useful for example when chasing fancies, once you delete a group all the pairs within will also be removed and you won’t have to be bothered with them ever again.

The tools on the right side of the site are very self explanatory, you can expand you kittypair component and collapse them. If you have a lot of groups you might want to see them all, “show all kitties “ does just that. Show only ready hides those pairs that aren’t ready for breeding yet.

“Breed all visible and ready” creates metamask transactions for all your kitties that are visible on the screen at the moment and are ready to breed.

In the searchfield right below the logo you can filter the kitties you have.

#3 Kittyfinder (https://heaven.cat/find)

Kittyfinder https://heaven.cat/find

This is the searching site, where you can find kitties no matter if the gene you want is in the dominant position or in some of the hidden positions. The current things you can search for are:
* All available genes by their descriptive name, like wingtips. 
* Environmental gene: EN00, EN01..
* Secret gene: SE00, SE01..
* Unknown gene: UN00, UN01..
* Special search phrases: generation, wallet, range, 
* Sort phrases: low price, low sire price, low id, high id

The special search phrases are used like this, write the name of the phrase in the search field until it pops up in the autocomplete. Hit enter, or write the whole phrase followed with a colon like this —generation: — and then the generation you want. You can do the same thing for wallet, and range.

Sorting by price or ids is done by writing the name in the search field until it pops up in the autocomplete and then hitting enter. The default is set to “High id” as in high id first.

You can always click the “i” button on the bottom right to get the information too.

One new feature is that everytime you add/remove/update a filter the address updates so that you can share the search with whoever you like or get back to the search easily.

#4 Kittybulkops (https://heaven.cat/bulk)

Kittybulkops https://heaven.cat/bulk

This is a new experiment. The thought is that you can filter your kitties in the search field with the same filters as in the search and then select the kitties by clicking on those you want to select, don’t forget to hit “refresh kitties”. The selected kitties are shown in the row below “Selected kitties”. You can also add ids manually, however they only show if they are in your wallet.

You can select three different bulk operations at the time, “gift”,”sell” and ”sire”. To make working transactions you will need to fill in all textboxes, except gas. If you set the default gas, it will be what all transactions uses for gas, if you don’t change it then metamask (or the web3 provider you’ve chosen) will decide for you. When you click the submit button (in the picture it’s currently named “gift selected kitties”) a warning text will appear so you know what’s going to happen. Basically, when you submit, the tool creates a transaction for each gifting and then you’ll have to smash that confirm button that appears from metamask.

A small bug is currently around on kittybulkops where the transactions are doubled, you get around this by just refreshing the page, this happens if you’ve been clicking around on the site a lot. It’ll hopefully be fixed soon!
Donations to help me keep the servers alive are seriously appreciated :) 0x831bf0657e0c1256297053802de80d47aaec1876

If you have any questions you can message me on the Cryptokitties discord, i’m Moonfarm#1138.

That’s it for me, enjoy the site! :)