External Focus
David Carrico

I’ve been around the sun 30 times now, and came around to similar views. The simplicity of Zen informs and checks my ambitions. I never wanted to “create the next facebook”, I think others can enjoy those experiments, and it doesn’t matter to me much if all those things came to be… what I believe is worthwhile is decreasing the suffering imposed by others, thus I am watching the development of blockchain voting in hopes to see a rise of a true and direct democracy. Haven’t found my place in it yet. I get money through my own translation company, which kind of happened of its own. I am about to get married and take a trip to the end of the world, from Peru to Patagonia, last part on bicycles, with my beloved. All that has been, now weighs on me, now uplifts me. The more deeply I see, the more difficult it becomes to find the words. Sometimes, though, the best is to just hold the space (a more vague term than to listen, but I hardly can listen, I must admit). But it seems that in the end, all I have is only all that I gave away. And yet, we must strive on, dilligently! (Advance! Advance at all costs!)

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