Heineken Countdown Party

Vibrant place to relax!

Heineken countdown party is the most anticipated event in the last days of the year. This is a special music party, attracting young people by the emergence of the most popular DJ and singers in my country. It’s regulary held around Hoan Kiem lake which is so crowded .So I have been there last year with my friends and I felt very happy, it was extremely exciting .

EDM :The Hottest Trend for young people!

Nowadays, electronic dance music is not strange. It appears in many music event,it has became famous for young people.Henieken is also about electronic events .It’s so special because it makes people feel catchy. Of course, the music there is so vibrant , heavy and very loud. People feel excited and they can dance, even move together so I love it very much. Besides , I’ve seen many couples there . They looked so sweet. It’s really a perfect party!

Welcome new year!

While enjoying the music , there are also some snacks and beers. And I like to drink so much. At the end of the event everyone was counting down the time together and say ing “Happy New Year”. But in fact, many people still want to dance and sing until the morning. I think it’s unforgetable memorable.

Love for music, Hope for New year!

I think this event is not just for music lovers. Actually,music is the best way to connect people. Especially, together they sing, dance, smile and pray all the best for the New Year.

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