The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

And for his next trick, Jason apologises to and acknowledges the pain of the hundreds of fans he has blocked on twitter for bringing up the mistreatment of POC characters. Oh? Wait? Their pain and anger doesn’t matter? Right. Okay.

Dude, I’m sorry to say but this just seems like damage control. You’ve been almost radio silent for three weeks and left your writers to pick up the pieces. Considering you received /so much/ praise for the LGBT representation over the past year, it’s astounding to me that you thought this would in any way be well received. Especially when it seems like your writing staff did not want to go this route to end her character arc.

Also, the comment re characters not getting over things quickly? Are you serious? You said the same exact thing after Finn’s death, and five episodes later Clarke was kissing Lexa. She’s seemingly forgotten Wells or Anya ever existed too; Bellamy has completely forgotten about Gina, and Abby has completely forgotten Kane has tried to have her floated and then shocklashed her when they got to earth. Something doesn’t add up here.

Whilst I struggle to believe this apology is genuine, I really, REALLY hope you will actually learn something from this. Killing off minority characters holds more weight given its historical context, and that is something you have to consider going forwards. You cant just block everyone on twitter who critiques your show — listening to the groups you are getting praise for representing would be a start.

Can I also add that having every episode be filled with misery and death is not a good strategy — your audience will stop investing in the characters, get bored and switch off. Having characters make endless impossible, morally questionable decisions only to forget about them in ~2 episodes time gets old and loses its impact after a while. Season 1 balanced the light with the dark really well, and I’m sad we’ve lost that element of the show.

I’m just so tired of the never ending Death And Darkness this show has turned in to. I’m so tired of being upset and frustrated at the torture and shock deaths of POC characters, only for that anger to be dismissed or left unacknowledged by you and other fans. Please, just do better in future.

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