Today marks the start of a new giveaway to increase the awareness of Spacecoin. The task is simple. Refer your friends and family to the Spacecoin discord and you can earn SPACE. There are a few things your referee must complete for you to get credit:

1. Join the Spacecoin Discord.

2. Verify their account with the bot bot.

3. Fill out the giveaway form with your discord username as the referrer.

The referee will be awarded 5 SPACE for completing those tasks. You on the other hand will earn SPACE based on the amount of people you refer.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to spread the holiday spirit and do a Spacecoin giveaway.

Anyone who joins the SpaceWorks discord between now and 20:00 UTC December 25th will be sent 10 SPACE.

Want a chance to win more free SPACE?

9 users will be randomly selected to win 500 SPACE!

To be entered you must do the following:

  • Follow @SpacecoinSPACE on twitter.
  • Retweet and Like the pinned tweet.
  • Share your twitter handle (username) in the #giveaway discord channel.

The 9 winners will be chosen after the giveaway period ends and sent the coins on discord.

Happy Holidays to all and good luck!

Spacecoin Links:

We are excited to announce a Spacecoin giveaway that one lucky person will win.

Entering into the giveaway is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

The winner will receive 939 SPACE!

Follow all of the steps below to enter.

1. Follow the @SpacecoinSPACE twitter account.

2. Retweet the Spacecoin Giveaway tweet to all of your followers.

3. Join the SpaceWorks Discord.

4. Enter the #giveaway channel and introduce yourself while including your twitter account.

Example: “Hi spacecoin community. I’m @lightspeed393 on twitter and I’m here after learning about the spacecoin giveaway.”

The giveaway will end on Monday 9/21 at 13:00 UTC.

At this point all contestants names will be entered into a random name picker, and one winner will be chosen.

The winner will be notified in the SpaceWorks Discord shortly there after.

Good luck to all!

A digital currency to use throughout the universe.

Spacecoin is a digital currency with cutting edge features and technology. The idea behind Spacecoin’s creation is to unite the citizens of earth behind one currency fit for our future lives in space.

As people begin living in space, there will be a need for a fast, reliable, and secure financial infrastructure that Spacecoin can provide. The fiat currencies of earth will not suffice in space and work to further divide us. To achieve a proper financial infrastructure for space, we need to unite around one decentralized currency that can’t be manipulated…


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