Creating a Diverse Workforce … Triple Bottom Line Benefits

Diversity in the workplace is a gift that keeps on giving. The research is clear: having a diverse workforce unlocks innovation, spurs creativity, allows for better understanding of customer groups and makes us collectively better. At GoDaddy, it’s not just lip service as we seek out and roll-out inclusion policies, programs and partnerships that make a difference … it all starts with how we hire.

Recently, GoDaddy joined the Path Forward Return-to-Work program to offer mid-career professionals an internship onramp back into the workplace. This includes professionals who have taken at least two years out of the workforce to care for kids, parents or other loved ones. Especially in the technology industry, we can’t afford to overlook anyone who has taken time away to raise families. Since women often take on the burden of care they are disproportionately represented in the group of people who are more than capable of pursuing fulfilling careers, but have a hard time returning to work because of a resume gap. Companies need to create opportunities for them. It’s something I’m personally passionate about as the executive sponsor of this program and advocate of the broader effort to attract talent, support the community and champion diversity.

GoDaddy isn’t just seeking professionals who’ve left the workplace and are looking to return. We have an incredible intern program for folks who are looking to start their career. In fact, this year GoDaddy was listed among the Fortune 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. We are also returning to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference to discover new talent this year.

Once someone joins the GoDaddy team, we want to keep them here and help them be successful. Our Parental Leave program is one example of how we do that. We get folks — both salaried and hourly employees — ready to head out, take the time they need to adjust to life with a new child, and then re-enter successfully. Our parental leave policy was designed with the understanding that it can be overwhelming for a parent to return to a full-time job. Beginning on the first day of employment, full-time exempt employees are eligible to take 12 weeks of parental leave, paid at 100 percent of their base salary at the birth or adoption of the child or children. Part-time employees with three or more years of employment at GoDaddy are eligible to take three weeks of parental leave, paid at 100 percent of the employee’s base salary. We also offer an additional 6 to 8 weeks of paid medical recovery leave for birthing moms.

That open-minded approach to retaining and developing talent has extended to our other people processes. We are rooting out unconscious bias through our work with the Clayman Institute in our promotion and calibration process to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to grow. And we are committed to salary transparency and achieving gender parity.

Our efforts and results to date are a good start in bringing diversity in our new hires and treating everyone within our company equally. Last year we shared our salary and diversity data and found that women represent 20 percent of GoDaddy’s technical workforce and 25 percent of the company overall. We have increased women in management roles to 25 percent. And we’ve increased female interns and new college graduate hires from 14 percent to 39 percent, year-over-year, in both categories. Pursuing a diverse workplace culture attracts the best talent, which results in innovation offerings from a range of perspectives. It’s good for our culture, our customers and our business.

If you or someone you know in California is looking for an opportunity to restart a career you can access all of internship program applications at If you’re interested in a career at GoDaddy, please visit

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