A Sales guy in today’s digital dating world

Digital marketing is the new way of selling. However for the past several years, marketers are struggling to convince legacy sales driven companies to understand the value it can provide to the company.

Let’s put it into simple, and life’s most interesting terms, shall we?…dating!

Quick backstory: Sales guy is in a new region and looking for some company (a customer). Thanks to the digital age, he downloads an app and instantly has hundreds of profiles to choose from. Most of these profiles seem too easy, and no fun. So, after a bunch of right swipes (yep, he still swipes right), he finds a profile that’s entertaining enough to peak his interest. She seems witty, pretty and just a little tricky. He likes a challenge, and goes in for the kill.

Let the courting begin!


Sales guy tactic #1: He sends her a message that stands out from the crowd. He asks her to reach out if she's pleased with his self curated profile. Finally a suitable match! she thinks.

Sales guy — 1 Customer — 0

Social is the new currency.

Sales guy finds her on all the social media platforms but only adds her on the credible ones like Linked In and Twitter. Thinking all his recommendations will come in handy and a decent twitter fan base doesn’t hurt either.

She then does her research. Finds his LinedIn and the recommendations. She thinks, “welp of course he isn’t going to showcase bad recommendations on his LinkedIn.” She tries to looks for him on Facebook (that’s where the good stuff is, duh!). No Facebook, i.e. no 3rd party credible source to validate sales guy.

Sales guy — 1. Customer — 1.

They agree to meet for coffee…


Sales guy buys her a coffee, takes her for lunch, invests his time and is persistent. He is attentive and asks all the right questions to understand her needs and wants. Projects his vision of their future and how great things will be. Says, nay, lies about his deliverables.

She is impressed, looks like he really cares, checks off all her requirements and she is assured by him that he can deliver.

Sales guy — 2. Customer — 1.

Acquisition & Retention

With his charm and wit he starts to acquire her trust. She agrees to go steady with him. She makes initial investments with her time and money too.

Uh-oh! Sales guys usually call it a ‘win’ at this point, and walk away. Except this isn’t where the buck stops. One can’t just make a sale and quit, it’s about the commitment and the follow-thru. The company needs to be able to both, acquire AND retain customers to be successful.

He starts to miss his commitments, she starts getting frustrated. Her trust is wavering at this point. Desperate for assurance, she looks for outside sources to confirm that he is still solid. Maybe if she’d met his friends (an expert), or knew more about his past, or saw a “live demo.” All she knows is what he’s told her. With no trusted referrals and missed commitments, she realizes that it’s all been a lie. He’d done it just to get her attention.

She confronts him, they fight. He tries everything in his power to make her stay. How can she stay? All their touch points were mismatched. Her needs weren’t met. This is not what she’d singed up for. Not only does she no longer trust him, she no longer respects him. He’s lost her forever…

Sales guy — 3. Customer — Non-existent. Retention rate — 0.

If only, he had more data and insights to create an end-to-end touch point strategy that understood her. He would have built personalized messaging and followed though with consistent validation. She’d be singing his praises and showing him off to her circle.

Sales guy — 4. Customer — In Love. Retention — Forever.