Norwegian Sky


When we docked in Nassau, it was really neat seeing and comparing all of the other cruise ships to ours. Each had a unique vibe and the design was drastically different from one to the next. This ship was docked next to us and they were throwing quite the embarkation party! The peacefulness of this photograph belies the craziness that was going on just an hour before.

A dozen Norwegian crew members were dancing and generally throwing a welcome party right on the dock as their passengers were arriving. They even had one of those giant blow-up figures that you see at car dealers — I’m not sure what the deal was with that thing! It was a really great marketing tactic for the people aboard other cruise lines. It may have been my imagination but I swear they were making people do a shot of tequila before they were allowed to return. We might have to check out Norwegian next time!

This photograph was captured with a Sony NEX-7.

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