Spring Break on Siesta Key


We took a whirlwind tour of Florida for Spring Break last week. One of the stops was in beautiful Siesta Key Beach. The bright white sand reflects the sun so much that it never gets too hot for bare feet. The water was perfect, too, with a super low grade so you could walk out a hundred yards and still be above water. Even better, there was no riptide whatsoever so it was completely kid friendly. Terrible for surfing but great for not losing your kids to a nasty rip!

They had another unique feature that made it really easy to find our friends. Rather than number the lifeguard houses, each one is a different color. Our friends set up a few coolers and blankets next to the green house and we knew exactly where we were headed even before we got out of the Jeep.

This photograph was captured with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone that just happens to be on sale $340 off at the moment!

Originally published at photojambo.com.