TNAT Week 14 – Lots of LA adventures

I fell in love with LA the first time I got here, then I came back for more. Here’s some of the best of what happened…

  • Beach time. Venice beach is an impressive expanse of golden sands and warm crashing waves. The perfect combo for an afternoon with Alana and Hal enjoying the SoCal lifestyle.
  • Nat’s birthday shenanigans. I drank lots of margaritas (it would be rude not to!), met some fabulous people and enjoyed every second celebrating my gorgeously fabulous Nat’s special 21st birthday. 😜
  • Outdoor screening of Pretty Woman. It doesn’t get much cooler than watching one of your favourite films, based in LA, watching it in LA, in your friend’s garden cinema set-up. Epic evening with lovebirds Vivian and Edward. ❤️💋
  • Enjoying our Venice home from home. We BBQ’d, chatted the nights away around the fire pit, put the world to rights and basically just had a flamin’ awesome time together. Alana, Alex and Hal – love you guys muuucho!
  • Picking up our home on wheels. Ready for our road trip adventures, we opted for the authentic Americana experience and hired ourselves an RV. Booyaka!

Coming soon… Vegas, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree Park. Epic road trip here we come…

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