TNAT Week 15 – Road trip, hell yeah!

There are no words for the excitement before, during and after the epic road trip I went on with 4 pals old and new, aka Alana, Alex, Hal and Negine. I’ll try and find a few ways to express the highlights…

  • Vegas baby. As big and bold as I’d imagined with oodles of fun dolloped on top. I discovered I LOVE roulette – and I’m pretty good at it. I didn’t lose all my money and I enjoyed ordering my free margaritas “a little bit strong, like a double”. 😂
  • Hoover Dam. An engineering masterpiece with depths that made my fanny go funny.
  • The Grandest of Canyons. Saying it was absolutely incredible doesn’t do it justice. You feel like a tiny fragile ant compared to the enormity and history of the Grand Canyon. By far one of the greatest experiences of my life. Even if my fanny went even funnier than at the Hoover Dam.
  • Lake Havasu. A totally ad hoc stop on our road trip but a brilliant one. We pulled up in our RV spot literally on the lake shore late at night. The shoreline twinkled with lights and we BBQ’d our din dins. In the morning the view was spectacular and the water was so warm it felt like a giant bath. Erm-aze-ing.
  • RV time. The whole time we were on the road we laughed, sang, told stories, played games and made memories I don’t think I’ll ever forget. And I am extremely grateful that my trip keeps giving me such experiences that put huge smiles on my face.
  • Facing the elements. From Lake Havasu to Joshua Tree Park Alex decided to «have a little go» at driving. The poor lass encountered dips, turns, a sand storm, a thunderstorm and flash floods. But the legend got us to our destination unscathed and in fine spirits. At times scary but totally awesome.
  • Joshua Tree Park. With all ingredients for a perfect horror movie: a group of youngsters (ahem, no comments please!), in the middle of nowhere, no phone coverage, an impending storm and some meth heads parked down the way. Luckily we survived, we frollicked on the rocks, made our finest BBQ yet and made friends with the aforementioned meth heads. All in all a bloody good time was had by all.

Coming soon… back to LA for more SoCal fun times and the arrival of the Dolly.

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