TNAT Week 17 – Howdy Texas

This week I enjoyed my first taste of Texas, enjoyed some good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality and splashed around in the river. Read on for the best bits this week…

  • Seeing my Chochis. You know good friends when 6 years can pass and it feels like you saw them yesterday. My Chochis (aka Maria Elena) and hubby John took care of me for my first stop in Texas and I got to spend time with their awesome young’uns Charlie and John Jr. Well needed chilled family time. ❤️
  • San Antonio River Walk. One of the prettiest city centres I’ve seen, with a whole scenic river system you can walk along and shop, eat and drink. We even hopped on a boat for the water tour too. 👌🏻
  • Exploring Austin. My Austin date Nia was delayed in arriving to the city so I entertained myself for a couple of days wandering the streets (and watching Netflix in my Airbnb!). Definitely worthy of being one of the US’s coolest cities, and I’ll definitely be back as I feel like I only scratched the surface.
  • Kayaking Lady Bird Lake. With a river reservoir bang in the middle of downtown, water sports are part and parcel of Austin life – and couldn’t not partake. So, we hopped in a kayak and gave our arms a solid workout. Guns ahoy!
  • Sunset (almost) at the Oasis. As Paula rightly described a «rooftop terrace in steroid» , overlooking Lake Travis the Oasis restaurant is a sight to behold. We almost made it for sunset, but we still got to enjoy the awesome views and a delightful frozen margarita!

Coming soon… Get ready New Orleans and Miami, I’m coming for ya!

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