TNAT Week 4 – Queers around Quebec

Four weeks already?! Jeez the time really does fly when you’re having fun. My time in Montreal is almost coming to an end, but it’s been another fun week with Kiki. Best bits? Well, here they are…

  • A weekend road trip to Quebec City was the top highlight this week. A gorgeous city, superb company (Kiki & Mathieu) and some of the best music I’ve danced to in a long time. Tommy got his groove in, whilst drinking vodka slushies. It was literally my heaven.
  • I’ve said it before but spending so much time with one of my closest friends (aka Kieran ‘Kiki’ O’Donnell) who I don’t often get to see just makes me very happy. I’m gonna be sad to leave him on Saturday.
  • St Joseph’s Oratory. A beautiful building with a very grand hillside standpoint was awesome, and great views.
  • Jean Talon Market. Like a mini Borough Market, a had a little walk around savouring the sights, sounds and smells of all the food and flower stalls.
  • The Canal Lounge is a boat converted into a cafe bar, and it was a right treat for a sunny afternoon. They even served tinto de verano – one of my favourite drinks from Spain.
  • Cuban deliciousness at La Habanera downtown. Food was so tasty, as were the cocktails. Well mine were, I’m not sure Kiki appreciated his buckthorn creation. I’d never even heard of buckthorn tbh.
  • The presentation firework and light display for the ‘living’ Jacques Cartier bridge. Apparently it’s gonna be linked to social media and constantly reflect the mood of the city through lights. Impressively modern stuff.
  • Going to my first ‘gender reveal party’. Initially I thought it was something to do with trans peeps but it turns out it was revealing the gender of an unborn bebby. It was Kiki’s good friend Jen and her family and was a spiffing (and squiffy) afternoon of food, drinks and big balloon popping.

Coming soon… So I have a few more days left in MTL before I fly west to what loads of people have referred to as “the real Canada”. So I’m expecting big mountains, large lakes and lots of bears. The animal kind that is. 😉