TNAT Week 6 – Island life and whale watching

I’ve been travelling for the equivalent of a whole school summer holidays already! Say what?! This last week I became an islander, on Vancouver Island that is. Here’s the best of what went down…

  • Road tripping around the island in a Jeep with Jenny Nena, my tunes playing and the open roads ahead. Hella fun!
  • The warmest welcome at Casa Nena. Jenny’s papa Jeff had prepared the ‘Titanic Suite’ for me and hoisted appropriate flags out the front of the house. I felt very welcome indeed!
  • My first proper hike. Jenny Nena and I scampered off to find Ammonite Falls, went the wrong way down the creek, clambered over tree trunks, hopped across rocks in the stream and sang Disney songs. We finally made it without being attacked by wild animals, but I’m sure I heard a cougar growling at one point!
  • Discovering the greatest selection of ice cream I have ever seen in my entire life. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was honestly incredible. If you’re ever on Vancouver Island you have to check out Billy Gruff’s Creamery in Coombs. Plus, they have goats on the roof next door – bizarre but true.
  • Reading a whole book! I don’t really read, so this was exciting enough. And I admit it was a short book – ‘Signals’ by Joel Rothschild. But I thoroughly enjoyed it (it’s a true story about signs of an afterlife). The minute I started reading it a hummingbird appeared outside the front of the house. If you’ve read, or do read this book you’ll know that is pretty amazing occurrence.
  • Whale watching from the beach. After lunch in Tofino (a popular, if slightly overrated, beach resort), Jenny Nena, Jeff and I spent an afternoon on Long Beach, BC. And we saw whales! 🐳 They were spraying away off the shore and showing their humps and tails. My first exciting Canadian animal sighting – WHOOP! (Sadly I don’t have a photo though, soz.)
  • Catching up with the latest season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This show gives me life! And some mild envy, but mainly life. 😊

Coming soon… I’ve just arrived in Calgary so look out for some cowboy lovin’ and grizzlies (I hope!)