Free speech

It seems everyday there is some new crusade to censor those whose opinions are seen as “Offensive” or “Politically Incorrect”, while personally I don’t agree with most of what people in these categories say, I do believe they should not be censored.

If we as a society censor each other how will new ideas be discussed that do not agree with what we accept? If a paper comes out claiming that a minority is more prone to something then majority will it be censored? Will it become accepted? Will that knowledge’s propagation through the general population be stumped?

The current stance taken by various individuals such as those in the tech industry and SJWs is somewhat depressing. While attempting to find a web-host that will most likely host “Hate-speech”, I found very little allow such things. While I do not personally perform any type of “Hate speech” my idea for a website that allows discussion on pretty much any topic is dead in the water at this point.

I like to think that anything that enforces censorship will fail, but recently I have found people coming complacent with this behavior. The idea that we are complacent in censorship is scary, it should scare all of us to think that we are falling inline with North Korea, The USSR, and China.

I have nothing against disallowing things that are off topic. Locking a topic on the KKK on a gaming forum, etc. These sort of things make sense because the topic is outside the scope of the community it’s presented to.

We will soon live in a world without criticism, an echo chamber for the current norm of ideas, no room for change in any direction but the one currently set. I hope one day we will see how detrimental this can be to society before we slip into another dark age. Instead of the church, it will be our peers that want to remain safe.

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