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It might have made sense if you said this 20 years ago before practically all good jobs went overseas or to illegals. Now youre just jumping on the bandwagon and it sounds like youre trying to get points by attacking your own life. This is common among privileged whites I have found. Perhaps it comes from the fact that even with the 6 figure wedding etc life has a lot of unsatisfying ways to it.
The thing is now that everyone’s into the racism there are plenty of black and brown people in on the incarceration of whites and blacks and browns, and plenty of well of people of color who couldnt care less whether the people in Flint drink bad water.
The real thing youve missed in your time at “the top” was all the reality check that living on the bottom would have given you to a whole slew of social issues other than just race. Check it out some time, if youre so committed to it give away your IRAs and come join me in Texas construction. :) Both of you!

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