March of the Automatons, a Parable of Insipidity Penned, Bending Space-Time and Trying to Rhyme theManic Mind of God…DON’T PANIC!

once upon a time-line in a-temporal space-time, there dwelt a bridge Troll who lived under a casino… a toupe fell down from a closeted gay republican Senator as he was dumping the body of a hooker over the bridge. The toupe, some say, was magical, and still is, to this very day, but the main point I wish to convey is this: The matted mangled mass of goat hair (it was a cheap toupe, the “Creep 69” model) fell upon the troll who gazed at his reflection. “WOW” he said, “I am gorgeous. I think I can go have sex with my hot daughter now…” but I, the narrator digress with my jest concerning the troll’s real life Jest concerning Incest (he spoke it on national TV with his daughter sitting right there — look at the youtube vids dudez…). So… the troll with the toupe threw balls of shit for he had no actual balls, and he muddied the face of Hilary of the Hill People. Thus the Troll came to Rule the Land of Retard-istan, which was formerly named… I forget… the United… statements? Statutory rape? no… STATES! that’s it… the united statements of… hmm… .can’t read anymore… educational standards and nations IQ dropping too rapidly… ok, no more polysyllabic words… he was man. he beat girl who pantsuit ugly no one like cuz she smart woman and no dumb guy like smart girl *(except for me that is) so they vote “TROLL 2016”! Yah! end now story rite here thanx u 4 listen mie tayle of woe.