Liberals Are Winning Battles but Losing the War

This week brought into stark relief what I’ve been saying for years — Liberals are winning battles but losing the war.

Battle won: David Bonderman, an incredibly successful business man, was forced to resign from the board of Uber for making a sexist joke.

War lost: Even with #PresidentCamacho (i.e., Donald Trump) as the face of the Republican Party, Democrats could not win the open seat in Georgia, or any open seat for that matter, from the GOP over the last few weeks.

And this continues the trend we have seen for years. Liberals win small cultural skirmishes that make no actual changes, but in doing so, alienate voters to such an extent that Liberals are being pushed out of government.

For over half a century, Liberals have been fighting and winning major, important engagements of cultural warfare. No more using the N-word because it is a historical term of subjugation. Women are equal to men. Gay people deserve the same rights as straight people. And in doing so, not only had they won the culture wars, but they’d won the moral high ground that earned them the political strength to implement society-changing legislation.

But as they won each moral engagement, Liberals didn’t know where to stop.

Liberal-ish Person: “Yaay, we got people to stop using the N-word! Mission accomplished.”
Die-Hard Liberal: “Not even close. Oriental is a racist term too. We need to say ‘Asian.’”
Liberal-ish: “Wait, why is Oriental a racist term? It was never used as a term of subjugation. It came from the fact that that part of the world used to be referred to as the ‘Orient.’”
Die-Hard: “Oriental is a kind of rug. Are you saying it’s morally acceptable to use the same adjective to describe people that is used to describe inanimate objects?”
Liberal-ish: “So is it insulting to be called an American because there’s American cheese or Sicilian because there’s Sicilian pizza?”
Die-Hard: “You’re a racist.”
Liberal-ish “F*ck you. I’m voting for George Bush.”

And this is what we’ve seen. The movement of Liberals from morality to political correctness. A movement in which battles are fought to win “morality points” that make little to no difference for the groups for whom they’re being fought. And Liberals have won virtually all of these battles. It’s now believed that you’re a racist if you refer to Asians as Oriental, you’re a monster if you believe that dual-parent homes are a superior structure to single-parent homes, and you will lose your job if you make an off-color or distasteful comment at a board meeting or on the radio or at college.

However, the effect of single-mindedly going after morality points is that you alienate people. It’s a form of moral pedantry. Those of you who have a parent who endlessly corrects your grammar, especially the little insignificant stuff, know the exact feeling I’m taking about.

You: “Me and John are going to go grab lunch.”
Mom: “John and I are going to go grab lunch.”
You: “Who are you talking to?”
Mom: “Don’t you mean ‘to whom are you talking’”?
You: “Jesus, Mom. You’re always correcting me. You knew what I meant. I always feel like there’re grammar police around.”
Mom: “Don’t end your sentence with a preposition.”
You: “F*ck you. I’m voting for George Bush.”

The point being, when someone is exposed to a relentless barrage of you correcting them just so you can appear to be in the right, particularly in the least impactful ways, you will alienate them. And not only will you put off people who were already on your side, but you will also rally the people who were against you. It’s simple human psychology.

And that’s what Liberals have done. They have won countless PC battles, and in doing so, have turned off voters to such an extent that Conservatives are dominating the government. You know, the place where really important changes get made.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask your Republican President . . . or someone in the majority-Republican House of Representatives . . . or someone in the majority-Republican Senate . . . or one of the 69 (out of 99) majority-Republican state legislative chambers . . . or one of the 33 Republican governors.

So what is the key to correcting this negative trend for Liberals?

  1. A mea culpa. Publicly admit that political correctness is out of control, and genuinely commit to exorcising that element from your ideology/party.
  2. Be honest and clear on the difference between morality and political correctness (e.g., eliminating actual discrimination against minorities vs. becoming outraged at Justin Timberlake).
  3. Be vigilant about publicly slapping down any newscaster, blogger, tweeter, politician, or citizen who trades in morality points.

And if your efforts are swift, forceful, and public, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to take back the actual moral high ground and reclaim your relevance in the political sphere.

Cede the battles. Win the war.