How EVE Online spoiled every other MMO in the world for me
Matthew Pennell

“The success of WoW has spawned an army of clones over the last ten years. Some are relatively successful (Guild Wars 2, Destiny)” The moment you call Guild Wars 2( the sequel to Guild Wars, an early competitor of WoW) and Destiny (which is a first person shooter meaning its not even in the same GENERA as WoW) a “clone” of WoW, you immediately lose all credibility and I stop caring about anything you might have to say. People who started gaming with WoW are the least informed and most toxic group of gamers I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to or reading. It’s like nothing came before WoW and everything after WoW must be a clone since that one was the most popular. Just because WoW was successful and just because they have similar elements to it doesn’t make them WoW clones. Next you’ll be saying Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1 are clones of CoD since it’s the most popular FPS and they have many similarities… Yeah it sounds that preposterous.

EVE was a great game. Easily the Best MMO I’ve ever played but I started playing MMO’s back when they first came into existence with Ultima online, Everquest, and DAOC (just to name a few). WoW came out years later and back then the gaming community considered it mostly for casuals (people who we didn’t consider “real gamers”) because it was mind-numbingly easy, which explains it’s huge popularity. I’m happy to say I never played WoW, and EVE, which I played from 2004 to 2009, did not ruin the genera for me because its a genera I’ve enjoyed for a very long time. I’d say its more likely that WoW ruined MMOs for you because it gave you this mindset that every fantasy MMO is just a clone of WoW. If Everquest or DAOC came out a year or two after WoW you would likely call them WoW clones too. Typical ignorance of a WoW gamer.

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