Natalie Lennartsson transforming the old into the new


- Filling the real world with beautiful things


Meet Natalie Lennartsson, a fabulous Art Director who LOVES to make things.

Natalie spent almost 3 years at M&C Saatchi and before that did a whole lot of gigs in various agencies around adland. When’s she not making furniture out of random things she finds on the street (ok, its only happened once) she loves to write, produce and direct films.

But this post is about that one time she walked past a lonely door on the street. A day that would change her life forever!

Natalie has always been into DIY, infact she pretty much confessed she’s a DIY addict and has lost a large part of her life to researching things you can make online.

Needless to say, on that special day when she walked past this lonely door she grabbed the opportunity and seized the moment.

Her best advice for transporting random discovered doors is to get help from a lot of lovely strangers and ask them if they would be so kind to help bring the door back to your house (it’s 100% effective so far).

Once she got it home it took her about a month to complete the transformation.

Upcyling is cool, this just shows how cool it really can be. The process meant sanding down, spraypainting and ordering in glass to fit into the frame.

Natalie has also made a clever DIY handheld shoulder camera rig (see photo at the bottom) out of plastic pipe tubes that plumbers use. Nice simple idea that can easily be transported and doesn’t cost much to make.

Now she’s looking for ways to add DIY seating to complete the table set up. If you have any ideas, do get in touch with her on links below.





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