- Being creative in a connected age.


The Phantom Framer cannot be named for obvious reasons (although if you read campaign often you might stumble across it), but what I can tell you is that he is one of us. A Creative with a need for an outlet every now and then to help keep the pulse steady between agency briefs.

The phantom Framer actually wanted to dabble a little outside of the more traditional briefs and rather than wait for the right brief he took matters into his own hands.

Now I think he said he also did this to help promote a local framing shop (called But Is It Art), but I do remember the guy say that he was itching to do something cool in this new age where we are all connect.

Who knows maybe one day Guerrilla Framing will spread across boarders, its certainly started to spread both socially and geographically as sightings in East London have been registered.

One of the funniest bits about this for me was when I first googled this new venture and the top result is a BBC article asking if this the Framers are Artisits or Vandals. I think they are epic Comedians, and the vandals would be the councils that are removing these beauties because they are against ‘Sign regulations’ — Honestly you can’t make this stuff up!