- Relax, Recharge and Reboot


Meet Rachel Le Feuvre, a CD who has been in the game long enough to know that there’s lots more to life than advertising. So much more actually that she decided to set up The Reset Button. A way to help people get back on top form, come back refreshed, energised and reminded that there is so much more to life than what happens in our little ad world bubble.

Constant pitches (and the take-out food that comes with it), last min Client changes, always working late nights and when occasionally there was room for a little celebratory drinking she snapped up the opportunity. Like most of the industry, surviving on coffee, sugar and alcohol had its strain on both her mind and soul.

In the end, never getting enough sleep, decent food and work-life imbalance drove Rachel to take some chill out time. She focused on her diet, fitness and practicing mindfulness which had a huge impact on her stress and energy levels.

“This is the reason I created The Reset Button. To give others the opportunity to come and help re-balance all those things in their life, either at the Retreat or at one of our Sessions.”

Rachel has obvioulsy done a fair bit of research to find out what forms of relaxation works best. From the sounds of it Laughing Therapy is the best one (she says it’s hilarious). “I also discovered an ex-opera singer who does healing sound baths… basically you relax and close your eyes and listen to her angelic voice. It’s very therapeutic.”

“I recently tried a Deep Fascia Massage which basically works on all your connective tissues around your body to help awaken muscles that aren’t working correctly.”

What ever your retreat fetish I am sure Rachel would have found the best ones to help you get back on top for that next pitch!





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