Introducing the Spark Sessions Newsletter

by Danya Cheskis-Gold

We’ve heard consistently from the entrepreneurs that we work with that they want to connect with other startup folks who are going through what they’re going through. They also wish they had more time — anyone working at a startup is climbing a super steep learning curve and constantly battling the tyranny of the immediate and figuring out how and what to prioritize.

One way we’ve tried to help is by hosting the Spark Sessions. These are invite-only actionable workshops for targeted groups of entrepreneurs.

Last week, we added the content from these workshops to our website so anyone can benefit from the insights shared at them.

This week, we sent the first issue of our Sessions newsletter, which we’ll send every couple of weeks with content from the Spark Sessions workshops. Anyone can subscribe to receive these nuggets of wisdom.

We’d love your feedback! If you’ve got requests or suggestions about future Sessions events or content, you can reach me at

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