Michelle Lai

Career Services @Hackbright. Connector. QA Engineer. Divemaster in Training.

Daniel on Market@Guerrero

He was sitting.

Dinner with Daniel on Market@Guerrero

He was sitting.

On a blanket with a spatter of vomit by his feet covered by a pile of napkins.

Sorry, I don’t have any.


Is it so hard to be quiet, find your inner peace?

My Dad Makes Me Smile, Laugh, Sad, Etc.

It started with a simple question.
There is another way…

What is [company]?

Explaining where I’ve worked

I’ve long lived in a city where people love talking about their companies. My answer evolves over time while I work at a company, and sometimes even after I leave.

What is Microsoft?

Don’t be ridiculous, no one asked this, but they may someday soon. If I were to answer, I would say…

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The imagined, spiritual, supernatural, or the hunt for Big Foot. True and fictional accounts contemplating the possibility of existence, or the revelation of something uncommonly known.

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Ignite the Spark

When your audience doesn’t know, what do you say?

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What is Medium?

For the Ladies.

What is Medium?

Explaining where I worked

The guy who founded Blogger, then Twitter— yeah, it’s his next new thing.

Journey to Open Waters

Overcoming phobias to join the fish

There are things about diving I will never enjoy. The relentless chop of the wind whipping your fringe…

Introducing The Unknown

Surrender yourself to wonder.

There is your reality, and then there is the mystery beyond. Take a moment and ponder what lies past your daily…

Bay Pride

The light was minutes from slipping away from the aftermath of pride. He glanced my way, it seemed, with a soberness uncommon for this street, at this hour. I drew cautious, holding…

A Revisionist Diary

It occurred to me that a single post at Medium could be made evergreen. I invite you to make this a temporal experience, an improvised affair, or perhaps a platform for…

A Guide to the Office Prank

I consider myself somewhat of a corporate-culture connoisseur and influencer. That is to say, outside of my technical role I excel at being keenly aware of the…