My Dad Makes Me Smile, Laugh, Sad, Etc.

It started with a simple question.
There is another way…
Well, for this you might resort to stickers, Dad.
Yup, he nailed it.
Sporadically over the next week, I receive sequences of Smile, Laugh, Sad…
And this crytpic one at 4:30pm EST…a firm example of “Etc.”
Time to broaden horizons.
It worked! Thanks Dad for making me…mostly Laugh.

My father also hand-crafts animations. You’re welcome to follow his Youtube channel. I will leave you with his latest group-dance animation:
“You group-dance with your boss. Your boss group-dances with his bosses. Students group-dance with other students and their teachers. Teachers group-dance with principles and parents. Politicians group-dance among themselves and with their constituents. Husbands group-dance with wives. We all group-dance everyday ! Yea, yea, we all group-dance everyday !”
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