Meet the 3 new teams we’re working with!

Going through all the applications, having long (sometimes heated) discussions on which teams are the best fit for us — finally we’ve picked the ones we will work with for the next 3 months, and possibly much longer after that! We are really proud that we had applications from 44 countries, on each continent. Some of the farthest points were Singapore, Tanzania and Los Angeles.

The chosen ones

  1. Preventing diabetes:
    Last year we worked with a team on a solution to make the lives of people living with diabetes easier. This year one of the chosen teams is MIRA Health, who are using artificial intelligence to pre-diagnose insulin resistance and if the person is found to have the condition then provide them with solutions to stay healthy — all with a mobile application. Insulin resistance is also called pre-diabetes, as very often, if untreated, this condition will turn into type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that up to 25% of the European populations is affected by insulin resistance.
  2. Key to prevent musculoskeletal problems
    Mobile Motion Lab makes the early diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems with a smartphone possible: based on the data from a phone’s accelerometer they can detect changes in the movement of the user and alert them in time to take action before a condition becomes serious.
  3. Cooperation continues with Vodafone
    Last year, we started a partnership with Vodafone. Together we started working on a solution to provide better care for people living with diabetes. This year, we will continue our collaboration with Vodafone on a project related to childhood obesity that carries a lot of risks including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Batch #2 kicked off in the beginning of March with its first bootcamp focusing on customer development, agile, UX and more together with our amazing mentor team. Follow us on medium, we’ll cover all the updates and key learnings from the bootcamps.

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