Choosing The Right Tote Bag

This blog will quickly give a quick run through Printed Tote Bags and help you decide what type of Tote Bag is right for you, your outfit or your event. We’ll talk you through the different types of tote bags, their potential uses, getting creative with their design, which type of printed tote bag might best suit your intended purposes or event.

The material

Tote bags usually come in 1 of 3 materials: Canvas, Cotton or Polypropylene, listed in descending durability — Canvas and Cotton will be stronger and more durable than the Polypropylene. Your intended purposes for the printed tote bags will inform your decision on what type of material you should choose. For frequent use and fancy events we can recommend something like cotton or canvas tote bags, which will be strong and durable as well as having a nice quality look and feel. For the less frequent use or less elaborate events or where price may be a deciding factor, printed tote bags made of synthetic materials like polypropylene can be the perfect option as they will still offer a high quality yet cost effective solution.

Potential Uses

Printed Tote bags have become so popular across a variety of industries due to their incredible versatility and usefulness. They can be used for anything from personal fashion statements, branded shopping bags to even goodie bags for events — this list is endless. Cotton and Canvas would be more suited for the bespoke, fashionable and high quality printed tote bags, Whereas synthetic materials would better suit the promotional type tote bags where they may only be used once or twice. Being environmentally conscious we would like to urge anyone reading this to try and purchase quality, reusable tote bags over the cheaper, less reusable synthetic tote bags. You’re not only helping the environment but saving on your wallet in the long run.

Creative Designs and Uses

Individuality and Creativity should be things that are celebrated and the beauty of Printed Tote bags is that they are so versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colours — meaning they are the perfect canvas for making your own personal statement. If there’s a particular theme or colour pallette that you have in mind or that is needed, we already offer a diverse range of colours and printed tote bag designs that we’re certain you’ll love. Check out some of our brilliantly designed and printed tote bags available in our store, offering one of the widest selection of bags made to fit any occasion or outfit.