On Favors & Pit Stops

I remember watching this scene from either a movie or a TV show (I forget) in which a guy comes up to his ex after being broken up for awhile, and handed her a bunch of letters she wrote him when they were still together.

The girl asked him why, to which he replied,

Holding on to those letters have long kept me from moving on.. so this is me, letting you go.

Then, he walked away.

Maybe I’ve made myself appear distraught, bitter, and foolish to you these past few weeks.

I probably was.

But that’s what happens when someone like me deals with someone more selfish than me, someone more skilled to navigate the ruins of their own doing.

I wish I could flip that switch just like you, but we both know it’s really not how I function.

Besides, not much else can be expected from someone who’s been put through a certain hell then back.. twice.

The thing is, as I indulge myself now with taking on the things I’ve put on hold and the sobering company of others, I decided to do ‘me’ another favor- forgive you.

I honestly couldn’t tell if your words on the subject come from a real place.

Sincere or not though, I accept.

So why give the shirt, ripped pages, and your photos back, right? I guess it’s like what that guy with the letters did.. it’s my way of freeing myself from you.

You see, those things I returned to you- all meant a lot to me.

I think it’s only fair to give you better idea of what that’s about. And you can come back to check out the rest of what I plan to add to this a bit later if you’d like to know more.

Otherwise, feel free to stop right here.

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