Rockin’ The Crocs

The words “couture” and “Crocs” are not often thought of together, but Scottish designer Christopher Kane decided this paradoxical collaboration would be in order. Enter: the Crocs spraypainted ethereal colors and bejewelled with crystals that wispy models sported for Kane’s London Fashion Week runway show.

Kane said that he loved working with “unexpected items and combinations, transforming the everyday into desirable luxury,” adding that Crocs are “grounded” “earthy” “comfortable” and “slightly awkward.” And in spite of their “ugly” reputation, he said, “They have a very naïve and childlike shape which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot.”

We’ve been tracking the “high/low” combos in the food space, and surely A Christopher Kane/Crocs collaboration is an example of that Flattening, or democratizing homogenization of culture. It’s also an example of multiple elements of culture or trends we follow, including Imperfect (embracing the ugly utilitarian aesthetic of the Croc), Refreshed Classic, but elevating the lowly Croc with crystals, and an interesting kind of Aspiration, one that involves knowing the difference between the unironic Croc worn by plebes versus the Fashion Croc worn by fashionistas in the know.