Build all kinds of apps with the Sparkster Labs platform. From Business Applications that create new business processes to IoT apps that allow you to interact with the real world — all without any code! Explore some of these solutions below.

Let’s Integrate

If you have an app or product that you would like to integrate with our platform, we invite you to join us and integrate your API in minutes using our codeless integration environment. A link to create this online is coming soon, but for now, please contact us using the form below.

Meetup Organizers

If you’re moved by our movement, we’re looking for people to organize meetups around the world. Let’s talk about what resources you may need from us to make this a success. …

Technology without limits.

The best business software responds to change, evolving as quickly as businesses themselves. Anything less and it’s simply not fit for purpose. That’s the springboard from which we work, so we’ve made business software better. Much better.

Software shouldn’t require the business to change the way it works to suit the technology, and it shouldn’t require massive technical rewrites for even the simplest of alterations. …

Why are Smart Contracts important?

For many people, legal and business contracts are viewed with trepidation. After all, a poorly thought-through, carelessly communicated or badly drafted contract can lead to conflict, vulnerability and — in the worst cases — drawn-out disputes. But all of that can be avoided.

Attorneys and business professionals are now ushering in ways to revolutionise their business arrangements. These streamlined legal solutions still carry the force of law but simplify agreements to the benefit of everyone involved. One of the most popular terms for these new and improved legal agreements is Smart Contracts.

In essence, Smart Contracts are electronic contracts drawn out in code by computers, rather than on paper. They are executed automatically and autonomously adjudicated. …


Sparkster Labs

By enabling you to build software written in plain English, we empower you to create the future.

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